Helleborus orientalis ‘Klondike Gold’

Family :Ramunculaceae

Specie :Helleborus

Common Name :Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose

Type :Thick foliage

Size :50cm

Zone :5

Description :Dark palmate leaves, coarsely edged. Thick foliage. New series of a more affordable seed strain Helleborus. Selected for bigger and more vibrant flowers than Lady series; this one flowering bright yellow. Generally does not flower until the third season. Evergreen. Preference to part shade.

Growers Note :There is not a 100% guarantee of the colouring of flowers. Pricing is set per flat with 95% plugs estimated true to cultivar. The MG is not part of the botanical name but to distinguish the Mardi Gras series separately from other Helleborus.

Availability :Some varieties year round, in 72s. Most by May.