Carex tenuiculmis

Family : Cyperaceae   Specie : Carex   Sold also as : 'Cappuccino' - identical to specie; 'Bronzina' - still waiting to evaluate this specimen, but description and pictures fit this specie

Type : Clumper   Size : 60cm   Zone : Z6

Description : Originally classified as Carex secta var tenuiculmis, it is similar in shape but smaller in height.  Reaches heights of 60cm but more wide than tall.  Does not form trunks like Carex secta does.  Leaves are a dark reddish-brown, arching, with scabrid edges.  Culms are equal or shorter than its leaves, drooping to the ground at maturity.  Preference to damp ground in a range of habitats.

Habit :  Tufted        Culms : Trigonous, 1mm diameter        Leaves :  Channeled, 2-3mm wide, margins scabrid        Spikes :  Similar, unbranched or sparingly branched panicles, 2 stigmas        Achenes :  Biconves, light brown, 1.5mm, obovoid

Origin : New Zealand. Formerly Carex secta var. tenuiculmis.

Notes :  For many years we purchased seeds and plants under the name of Carex Secta var tenuiculmis and later Carex tenuiculmis.  This only led us to amass an impressive collection of mostly bronze colour forms of Carex comans.  In 2001, we were given seeds from a clump growing in the private garden of Wind Poppy Farm and Nursery.  The plant had all the virtues of Carex secta but an exotic mahogany colour.  We usually hold our clumps for about 5 years in the fields for seed harvest before rotating them out, and never had any problems with pest or hardiness on this plant.

Availability : Year round in all sizes.

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