Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Northern Lights’

Family : Gramineae   Specie : Deschampsia   Common Name :

Type : Clumper   Size : 25cm   Zone : Z4

Description : Variegated foliage with cream white leaves and pinkish tips. Open airy panicles just above the foliage. Flimsy cultivar.

Growers Note: This plant was discontinued from our nursery a couple years ago; all our batches had reverted back to green within 3 years. Since this plant is still in high demand, and many now treat it as a seasonal cultivar, we have a small trail going in the field. Our intention is to renew the stock within each year. The plants may still revert after upgrade and customers assume all risk on purchase.

Notes: Prone to root aphids. Liners are treated but occasional white residue will remain on the soil; this will disappear in transplant.

Origin :

Availability : Year round in 50s. All other sizes pre-order.

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