Carex albula

Family : Cyperaceae   Specie : Carex   Common Name : Blonde Sedge  

Also Sold As:  'Frosted Curls' - used as a cultiar name for both C. albula and C. comans; not seen any difference to the botanical specie, so it is more correct to consider it as a TRADE NAME of all pale green New Zealand sedges with curly tips.  'Amazon Mist' - available as seeds under the name Carex 'Amazon Mist'.  Identical to botanical specie.

Type : Clumper   Size : 25-30cm   Zone : Z7

Description : Tufts of very narrow leaves that form a neat clump.  Foliage colouring is pale green with almost white to buff cream highlights.  Leaves naturally curly with slightly brown tips.  Flowering culms are shorter than the leaves but occasionally elongate up to 50 cm.

Habit :  Tufted        Culms : Terete, 0.5-1mm diameter, smooth        Leaves :  Plano-convex, 1mm wide, margins scabrid       Spikes :  1 terminal male, 2-6 lowers females, 3 stigmas        Achenes :  Trigonous, light gray-brown, 1.5mm, oblong-ovoid

Notes :  One of three very siimilar looking sedges (see also Carex fretalis, Carex comans) frequently mixed up in the market. 


Origin : Native to dry localities and short tussock grasslands of the South Island of New Zealand.

Availability : Year round in 128s or 50s. Other sizes on pre-order.

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