Carex buchananii

Family : Cyperaceae   Specie : Carex   Common Name : Leather Leaf Sedge

Cultivars :  'Viridis' - well known pale green form of C. buchananii.  Smaller in stature, becoming more prostrate and yellowish green with age. 

                  'Red Fox' - probably a selected cultivar name of the pinkish red form of specie.  However, most of the same colour form is sold on the market under the botanical name only.

                  'Red Rooster' - seeds available under the name Carex 'Red Rooster', essentially a synonym for 'Red Fox' which came first.


Type : Clumper   Size : 80cm   Zone : Z7

Description : Dense clump, with upright stature and stiff V-shaped habit.  Leaves are wiry, erect, gradually narrowing to curly tips.  New foliage emerges red, darkening to reddish brown or pinkish red colour with age.  Adaxial side of leaf is matte and pale, abaxial is richer in colour with a smooth and shiny surface.  Culms are slightly shorter than foliage, rarely elongating past up to 120cm.

Habit :  Tufted, short rhizomes        Culms : Semiterete, 0.5-3mm diameter, smooth        Leaves :  Plano-convex, 1.2mm wide, tips curly      Spikes :  1-2 terminal males, 4-5 lower females, 2 stigmas        Achenes :  Plano-convex or biconvex, brown, 1.5mm, obovoid

Notes: Least hardy of the New Zealand sedges.  Best performance is in full sun with adequate moisture; will grow in shady locations but the colour darkens to a greenish brown.  We have three colour variations at our nursery; pale green, dark reddish brown, and pinkish red.  The latter colour is considered typical to the specie and we use that one for sale; sold as C. buchananii, no cultivar name added.

Origin : Naturally grows on the foreshore amongst scrubs, in damp ground near streams and short tussock grasslands; from New Zealand

Availability : Year round, generally all sizes.

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